Wednesday, May 30, 2012

May's Bunch O' Links

And how was your May? 

Writing Tools
By Alex Villasante

I've heard of Save The Cat a lot, but haven't picked it up yet. Maybe it's because that writing book is associated with screenwriting? I don't know. But Liz at has a good post on Plotting for Pantsers (that's me) and how it measures up to Save the Cat.

There's also a really cool online tool to help you figure out Goal, Motivation, Conflict - something most writers have to amp up in first (second, third) drafts. Shawntelle Madison created a GMC Wizard here. She's also the author of Coveted, which sounds amazing and I can't wait to get my hands on it. 

Finally, if you follow my blog (and just pretend you do, make me feel good) you'll know that I've started using Donald Maass' Breakout Novel Workbook for my wip, FIND ME. I can't tell you how much it's improved my story. Okay, I can tell you. It was like a little explosion in my writerly brain. Suddenly I had pops of inspiration. His questions get you to delve deeply, even when you thought you didn't have to, into the meat of your characters and story. He's the real deal. He is not related to me, I swear. And he doesn't pay me. I am just a fan. You can look at worksheets from his other book, The Breakout Novelist, here, to give you an idea of the awesome.

Carrot & Stick
By Greg Hardin

Writing Motivation is hard to find, and not everything works for every writer. So here are two sites to get you writing.  A hilarious help to nonstop writing.  Every 100 words you write gets you a new kitten picture.  :)  For those who need something a bit harsher than kitten pics.  This app will punish you for becoming distracted in your writing.

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